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  1. rosie
    rosie at |

    I can’t believe someone is charging $60.00 for this hamster when you can buy it for $9.99 at the local store! I know cause I just bought one.

    1. Scott
      Scott at |

      where in the world did you buy yours at? I cant find them anywhere??

  2. Lolana
    Lolana at |

    This is weird!

    I know it seems kinda cool but don’t people want their kids to know the real joy of having real pets? real living beings?

    Course living beings have to be fed and they do lay down a lot of poo to clean up. I know cause I had hamsters..and mice…and gerbils..and a rat or two…

    long time ago though.
    I’m tempted to buy one of these but everything is becoming so virtual these days. It feels weird to me. Like people don’t value what’s authentic anymore. Oh my god! I must be getting old—-”it ain’t like the good old days” and “they don’t make em like they used to!” but it’s true!!

  3. Sara
    Sara at |

    We got two today at our Toys R us. We had to go to the customer service counter and ask for it. They were not making it well know that they had them. They also had they fun house on a table in the front of the store. They only let you have one per customer.

  4. katy
    katy at |

    is it called zuzu or zulu?
    my niece wants one for her birthday and can’t find them

  5. butface
    butface at |

    these are boring little fat albert zombie toys for little boys and girls only to play with

  6. suputra
    suputra at |

    Dear all,
    Would you please inform me, where can I buy Zu zu pets for my daugther? For your information,I lived in Bali, Indonesia


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