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  1. Aaron Nimocks
    Aaron Nimocks at |

    I am in the US Navy and everytime we need to have the flag at half mast there is a message sent out saying when, why, and how long. Never thought all of that went into it though.

  2. Matt Keegan
    Matt Keegan at |

    I seem to recall that flags stay at half mast for thirty days following a president’s proclaimation that they be lowered in the first place. I am not sute when President Bush made that order, but it probably happened within one day of President Ford’s death on December 26th.

  3. Brad
    Brad at |

    You should keep the flag down until you stop invading countries for their resources and stop torturing people. You know… as a mark of respect to the death of the principles your country was founded on.

    The World

    1. Jake
      Jake at |

      Brad — stop trolling your “I hate America” trash. Get off your egotistical pseudo-intellectual soapbox! The principals upon which this country was founded on? You mean freedom from a tyrannical dictator? Hmm… seems like you need a history lesson. Invading countries for their resources? You mean like the Mexican-American War in 1846? What about the invasions into Canada in the War of 1812? Sounds like you *really* need to learn your history. If you are so concerned about American imperialism, DO SOMETHING! Sitting behind a computer screen posting a comment on a blog does nothing to counter the supposed evil of America. In fact, you are only adding to the evil, since you see America as evil and you do nothing but sit and talk.

  4. Evelynn Spivey
    Evelynn Spivey at |

    I work at an elementary school. In the evening the janitor lowers (yanks down the flag, either throws it on the ground (even in the rain) and/or over his shoulder. It is very disrespectful. There will never be more than one individual to lower/raise the flag. What is the proper way to raise and lower our nation’s flag when there is only one person available? This seems to be an ongoing problem within this type of situation. I’m so disgusted.

  5. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    I have measured my flag pole and trying to determine once I find out the half way point, do I place the top or bottom of the half way point

  6. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    have measured my flag pole and trying to determine once I find out the half way point, do I place the top or bottom of the half way point when placing the flag at half mast.

  7. Ed
    Ed at |

    The Flag is simply lowered enough so that an “invisible Flag of Death” can be flown above the existing flag. It does not have to be “Half-way-down-the-flagpole” or “half-staff”. That is a generic term used to denote the width of a flag that would ordinarily be flown a shor mast/staff onboard a Naval vessel
    The flag can be properly lowered to a height equal to the width of the existing flag.

  8. cgoofies
    cgoofies at |

    I have seen the flags on base flying high when it was a civilian half mast day. I am not sure who gives the order over the military, but I would rather it be flying high than half. Besides, when it is, I have no idea why and I have been searching online for 7/26/2011.


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