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  1. robert martin
    robert martin at |

    I followed your URL to uninstall WMP version 10.0, Can’t be done on my computer.
    There is no”show updates” box anywhere on the Win components. I have removed every file I can find associated with WMP 10.0 and when I try to reinstall 9.0 I get a menu box saying a later version exists and that install will close. It truly is a piece of crap.

  2. Erin
    Erin at |

    Are these coming around again?

  3. Ken Savage
    Ken Savage at |

    Anyone see anything lately?

  4. Carolyn
    Carolyn at |

    Did anyone see a meteor shower or shooting start last night near Framingham?

  5. Madeline
    Madeline at |

    me and my friend are excited for August 12th! Are there gonna be any big meteor showers August 5th to August 8th?
    I’ll be at a camp and i wanna know if anything important will happen!
    thanks! :)

  6. Ed DeGagne
    Ed DeGagne at |

    Damn Ken, I do a search on the meteorn shower and you come up in my search. :)

    Any SEO tips you DON’T know about?


  7. Mary
    Mary at |

    Any suggestions of good places to watch from in the metro boston area?

  8. Ed DeGagne
    Ed DeGagne at |

    Most of us in MA/NH were/are just plain out of luck this year. The clouds just didn’t let up enough to see anything.

  9. myles6
    myles6 at |

    Did anyone see anything? I’m not sure how too look at the stars. My neck keeps hurting. I’m SOOOO tired of looking up outside my house. Should I go on my roof? Idk if i should because I know it’s not that safe up there. We’re still building the roof to make it more strongest. what time is best to witness this star stuff so my head stops hurting.???

  10. Ken Savage
    Ken Savage at |

    They’re back again this year. Anyone seen them?


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