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  1. Ken Savage
    Ken Savage at |

    sopranos slang is awesome

  2. Dicky5guns
    Dicky5guns at |

    Goomba isn’t a term of respect its a mobster word meaning mistress. What a retard¡

    1. Vinnie the Chin
      Vinnie the Chin at |

      No, “Goomba” DOES mean friend or buddy. It comes from the Italian word, “compare” (pronounced com-PAR-eh), which means male companion. The slang word for “mistress” is “gooma” or sometimes pronounced “goomadda” which comes from the Italian “comare” (co-MAR-eh) and which means FEMALE companion. So, Dicky5guns, make sure YOU’RE not the retard before you call someone a retard. You retard. ;) Fuggedaboutit.

  3. Mamietoo
    Mamietoo at |


    With respect, Christopher’s last name was Moltisanti, not Soprano, on the show. Just wanted to keep the record straight.

    I am in love with “The Sopranos” and have now been reduced to watching them on the A&E Channel—–which leaves out quite a bit. I’m hoping somebody gives me the complete set of DVD’s for Christmas!

    Thank you,

  4. Youtalkintame?
    Youtalkintame? at |

    Don’t take it personal. Just trying to be funny!

    No…. I think Dicky5guns might me correct, the original poster may be somewhat autistic.

    Jew or Ju is short for uncle Junior The kids seem to enunciate a little better than Tony who pronounces it as Zshu.

    Junk has always referred to “Heroin” where I come from. A “Junkie” was not someone addicted to coke… I suppose it could encapsulate all narcotics…. but I doubt it.

  5. kanakasue
    kanakasue at |

    Goomba is usually used by a third party in reference to a guy hanging out with the guys. Like a complaining girlfriend or your mother referring to your buddies as “bunch of goombas.”


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