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  1. Susan G
    Susan G at |

    I am quite upset at this article. I feel it makes light of a very serious situation.
    EEE is a mosquito born illness with often eadly results. The CDC statistics sy it is a 30% mortality (death rate) but in examining long term data, yes, it is more like 50% of the people infected by a EEE mosquito will die. And these people may be the lucky ones. Many people inflicted with the mosquito bite, suffer high feavers, brain swelling, coma, and serious neurological brain damage. This damage can be permanent. There is no cure, and there is no shot, to protect yurself. The only thing you can do is protect yourself and your family by encouraging everyone to use mosquito repellent with DEET. Avoid outside activities at dusk and dawn, when the mosquito’s are most active, but EEE can be day biters as well. Do not take this threat lightly. I know first hand what EEE can do to the brain as my good friend now lives in a nursing home, unable to talk, walk, eat, or dress herself. It is an appaling thought that she will live like this for the rest of her life. Disabled, and totally dependent on other for care BECAUSE OF A MOSQUITO.

  2. Erin
    Erin at |

    I’m sorry to hear about your good friend but I fail to understand what exactly in this article made light of EEE.

    I went into great detail about how to protect yourself against mosquito bites and also how to clear your yard of mosquito breeding spots.

    If you want to be upset about the article because it really hit home for you and reminded you of your friends unfortunate contraction of the disease…that I can understand. But don’t say that you are upset because we made light of the subject, it’s just not true.

  3. Kim K
    Kim K at |

    Hi Erin,
    Your numbers about EEE are incorrect.. West Nile Virus should be mentioned in your article.
    It was a good attempt to get the prevention message out.
    MA has just tested positive again in 07 in a low MIR in the city of Rayham.

  4. Erin
    Erin at |

    I’m not sure which numbers you are referring to. I appreciate your suggestion that West Nile should be mentioned in the article…but the article is about EEE not West Nile. I understand that there are new cases reported but the numbers that were available to me when doing the research were statistics between 1964 and 2004. Thanks for the info though.

  5. anxious
    anxious at |

    I like that Ken put a spin of humor in his article. I happen to admire that. I am however, a quite paranoid person.

  6. Jessi
    Jessi at |

    I know this is just an article and I understand that you are making light of a situation, but on a serious note…You have gone beyond scaring the HELL out of me. I have OCD and now I’m terrified. I have bug bites all over me at the current moment and I’m convinced I’m going to be in a nursing home. As a kid, I never had to worry about bug bites, but now…now I’m worried not just for me, but my daughter and hubby. *sigh*


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