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  1. Stephen E. Echelberger
    Stephen E. Echelberger at |

    Today is 24 September 2008.
    I went to the U.S. Post Office and FILLED out a change of address form and TURNED it in!!!
    The U.S. Post Office is STILL sending mail to my OLD address!!
    This was OVER a month ago.

    My OLD address was 13607 E Bates Avenue #407 Aurora CO 80014.
    My NEW address is 2768 S Killarney Way Aurora CO 80013.

    Now what?
    Today is 24 September 2008.

  2. lois marie williams
    lois marie williams at |

    I am postal office retiree and I really want to change my direct check change address Instead of sending my check to Wells Fargo bank send it to my home address 5259 kingswood drive salt lake city, utah because they took lot of money from me i dont have much of money to use and i had to scrimped out some money from ss which helps please help me and change my address so i can get my check direct to me thank you lois williams ss # xxxx xx 4589

  3. Pierre
    Pierre at |

    USPS Change of Address form 3575 is NOT available online, because you cannot print it, unless you provide a US verifiable address. The system will NOT let you print the form if you try to submit a change to a foreign address.
    You literally have to cross the border into the US to get this form at a local post office in person, before you can register a foreign address.
    They have some really smart people doing their programming for them.
    You simply cannot print the form from an online source and mail it. It is not even listed under *.pdf “forms” on the USPS site.

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      I live here in the US, and I cannot get USPS Form 3575 on the USPS website, either. What a crock. All I want to do is print and send the damn form. What’s the deal?

  4. Dan Russell
    Dan Russell at |

    I’d like to change my old mailing address

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

    The online COA process doesn’t work if you designate a mail forwarding service as your new address. The new address must be residential and not flagged as a company in the USPS database. I’m in Asia now and can’t seem to convince the post office I want my mail forwarded to my forwarding address. I spoke with them by phone and they’re 100% bureaucrats– have zero common sense. They claim only way for me to forward is to return to the US and fill out the form in person.

    1. Alex
      Alex at |

      Many clerks in the goverhment institutions in the US not only haven’t got any common sense.They are highly undeducated too. I moved to Norway and wanted to ask to stop temporary forwarding of my mail and they suggested going to the post office in Norway to ask for that service….No comments. I asked them if they know wher Norway is? Just hang up the phone and added one more thing to my evaluation of those people besides not having common sense and being uneducated-which is no Culture!!!
      I can’t find the form to print out and send mail forwarding cancellation.

  6. Raquel
    Raquel at |

    Someone did an official change of address for me without my consent. There is a signature required for this? Does that mean she forged my signature? Is this illegal?

    1. Vania Laflamme
      Vania Laflamme at |

      Same thing happened to me two months ago and I am still fighting to resolve this. I was told by my local postmaster that anyone can fill out a change of address and send it in. She said that the post office does not know anything about it, that it was all automatic now. There is no signature required. You just fill it out and send it in. Consumer affairs, will not help either. Yesterday I received a letter from my telephone company saying that the post office told them to change my billing address!!!!!! So in summary, ANYONE CAN CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS TO THEIRS WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, BUT TO TRY TO GET THIS ACTION REVERSED IS UNENDING FOR YOU. Who knows how much of my mail has been sent to this other address without my consent and nobody seems to care.

        MARIE UMPHREY at |

        I have yet to make an address change with the United Postal Address that I did not receive a card from them several days later saying “you requested the following change” “if you requested this change, do nothing” and giving a number and address to turn to if you did not request the said change. Sometimes we get in the habit of not reading all those “junk mail” cards–I did, however, throw out a jury duty summons printed the same way… Good luck in the future, and sorry this happened to you–it must be tough!

  7. nemo
    nemo at |

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  8. Print and Mail Form
    Print and Mail Form at |

    I just found out how to print the form:

    What you need to do is enter all info to change address online, but when you get to the part about adding a Credit Card, don’t do that there is a link at the bottom of the page saying:

    “Prefer not to submit your form online? Print your request and mail or deliver it to your local Post Office™. ”

    Click on Print you request then fill out addition info, and there you go

  9. Jan
    Jan at |

    Yes, but if your credit card mail address is different from your normal mail address they need a week to verify the addresses and you cannot make a form that way for an earlier date.

  10. Michael Bauer
    Michael Bauer at |

    I filled out a paper change of address a couple of weeks ago but my mail isn’t going to my old address OR my new address! I heard from somebody that if you don’t do it online and pay them a dollar it gets all fouled up. Anyone have a suggestion or any similar experiences?


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