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  1. Dan
    Dan at |

    Good luck with Paypal. I have had nothing but nightmares with every aspect of their “service”.

  2. hipmonkey
    hipmonkey at |

    I had trouble with paypal once, and it was fixed immediately via a quick telephone call. I’d urge you to try the phone once more, and good luck!

  3. marc
    marc at |

    paypal is a huge dark entity that takes, takes, takes and gives not so much back in return.

    if you ever found yourself in an unfair situation and need their help, (as with a normal bank), then PayPal are not there for you. you cant complain, its very difficult, they dont really take care of your problem like a local bank. they even have very unfair regulations (which would be completely unheard of among normal banks).

    I do use them out of necessity. (for me, they are a necessary evil), sooner or later I am sure that google financial service will come forth and get a large enough market share that all the people that have problems with paypal and they nasty service can make the swap-over.

    I am sure their credit or debit card is fine, (at first glance), but if you run into any problems along the way and need their assistance, then you will know the extent of their rubbishness.

  4. Del
    Del at |

    I have recently had the debit card battle. I have held an account with paypal I think since 2000, or 2001, and in that time have had a couple debit cards as they have expired and been replaced. The company I am an independent contractor consultant for pays via paypal—-I typically leave the majority of my funds in the paypal account for many of the same reasons you stated. I found it easier to track then the transactions through my bank, and had actually made a nice little sum over the years with their little cash back program ( it does add up). Well, my card was due to expire—I got a new one in the mail. The little instruction page told me to go online and activate it, but there was no link or option to do so. I had a very busy month and was away a lot, I just figured maybe I could not activate it until my old one was done or something….and was being lazy about having to go all over my various accounts and subscriptions to update new billing method.

    So…october 1st. I wanted to go groccerie shopping, and remembered, oh, my card just expired, so I better go activate that new one. There still was no option to activate. So, I then called paypal, and after going through their long voice activated menus— ( say “agent” to help bypass it and get to a menu designed to actually send you to a live person) I was disconnected twice. I finally reached someone with such a thick accent I could not understand anything he was saying, but after asking him to repeat several times, he told me my NEW card had expired because I had not activated it BEFORE my previous card had expired. What? No where does it say anything of the sort, not on the site, not on the paper with instructions that comes with the card—no warning to activate it immediately or it will be void and cancelled. Even despite that, I had tried and it had not shown up. I then requested to speak to a manager—this time a woman, again with a thick accent….call center out-sourcing. She was cold, spoke in automatic prepared phrases. She repeated off to me that it had needed to be activated earlier, and I told her that was just great to know now, but no where does it say anything like that to give us prior warning….” I’m sorry mam.” I was sitting there, holding a brand new card that I was told was worthless. I was told I had been sent an email as a reminder to activate. I had never seen that email….later I discovered it had been sent to my junk folder because the subject line was just a jumble of mixed up garbled script. Inside was a message to activate, but no warning that the ability to do so would expire. If I had known that, I would have called to ask why the activation option was not showing shortly after I received it. ( and I only had it for like two weeks).
    So, what does this mean? I had $5 in my wallet, and that is it. I had to transfer all my funds to my bank, and wait…..while I am out of grocceries and have bills that need paid. I am due to get my monthly payment from the company….and again, will have to wait and transfer it, which means my rent will be late. The “manager” told me it would be 7-10 days to get my new card, but according to the site, it will be 2-4 weeks. It made me literally apply as if I have never had a card before, and it still lists my status as waiting for approval now, two days later. Who knows when I will get a card again—and for me this is something very scary and inconvienent given that is where my primary source of income is sent through. This was a horrible time for this to happen.

    Paypal, if you read this—please at least inform people of activation deadlines, and hire agents who are not so difficult to understand and who sound like programed anamatrons in their responses.

  5. anonymous
    anonymous at |

    I got a letter in the mail that my new card would be arriving soon bc the old one expired 9/08. Never got one in the mail. I’m wondering if it is because they simply cant afford to give the 1.5% cash back rebates anymore. Ebay (their owner) is doing poorly so I really think its because of the whole economic crisis. I guess I’ll go back to using my 1% rebate credit cards now.

  6. norman
    norman at |

    ALL aspects of paypal are crap!

  7. Mike Henry
    Mike Henry at |

    @norman – Especially if you use it in conjunction with eBay. Its quiet a racket.

  8. Mike Henry
    Mike Henry at |

    @Ken Savage – I had the 1.5% back card, too. When I got my new one back I never called to activate it. They account is closed and they won’t re-open it. I liked it, too. Just something about whipping out a “Premier Business” card to pay for stuff.

  9. Alex
    Alex at |

    I feel for you man, I’ve had similar problems, not with paypal, but with the automated systems and the full on ignorance of the customer service reps on the other end.

    You could always try to go to their headquarters in San Jose, CA.

    Good Luck

  10. Ray Kruger
    Ray Kruger at |

    Paypal has just introduced a new way to scam you out of some of your money. Here’s a recent email I received from Paypal.

    “Many of you asked us to make tracking your PayPal Debit Card cash back simpler. You got it.
    Starting August 1, 2009, the cash back earned on your PayPal Debit Card transactions will be combined into a single deposit and paid monthly, rather than after each transaction, making your record keeping easier.
    Your cash back rate won’t change.”

    What this means is that Paypal will now keep your cash back money and not release it till the end of the month. You are in fact making Paypal a interest free loan of your money till the end of the month. Now this only means a few dollars kept back per person till the end of the month but multiply that by the millions of people that use it and Paypal is holding back Millions of Dollars till the end of the month.


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