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  1. Keene NH Dentist Paying Kids Not to Eat Candy

    [...] Dr. Jeffrey Dixon said he will give some of the candy to local nursing homes and soup kitchens then throw the remainder away. A lot of the kids he says come in after Halloween with broken braces and loose wires from eating so much junk hard candy and ding-dongs and ho ho’s. The buy-back Dr Dixon says, helps kids eat less candy, and helping former Keene High School student Kelley Goddu with medical bills. How many kids will be sifting through his garbage next week? I see it as helping kids from becoming obese. [...]

  2. Eriacta
    Eriacta at |

    kids these days are fat because of being too lazy and couch potatos. also for watching too much TV. parents are partly responsible for their kinds being obese as they fail to monitor kids’ activities

  3. Thomas Bailey
    Thomas Bailey at |

    I was not always obese, but, since age 2, physically active. I became obese at age 19-20. I have been called “tubbalard”. I have enjoyed walking, swimming, and, since age 21, biking. I have biked to Sausalito, San Francisco, Hollister, Gilroy, Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Half Moon Bay. I have walked to Redwood City, Saratoga, and San Jose. I have walked farther than many drive, and biked distances many would not consider possible. Anyone who does not think it is possible to bike as far as I have has not seen the Tour De France, which involves even greater distances

  4. Meredith
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    I need resources in the Bay Area around San Francisco/Marin to help me help my stepson who is 13 and maybe 50 lbs overweight. His mom allows him to eat what he wants, equating this with love, we want to get him into some kind of program which will educate her on the perils of being obese, healthwise and how he will suffer socially.


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