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  1. Matt
    Matt at |

    For me the jury is still out on Audioslave. One of my favorite bands, Rage against the Machine, morphed into this band. Their first attempt was watered down at best. I miss the politics. I miss the edge. The poppy feel has to go. Cornell has nothing on Zach. They shot a concert in Cuba – saw the vid, saw the background – what?? no freakin politics? and they were in Cuba – sheesh – just what the world needs – another watered down pop-metal band…..

  2. Shaun
    Shaun at |

    The new Audioslave Album; Revelations, IMHO really does not sound like anything audioslave has ever done. New beats, same grungy feel, but looser lyrics that doesnt remind me of anything. Good luck trying to understand what they are saying/mumbling over their extreme, rocky, instrumental sound. All in all, 7 out of 10.

  3. Mark
    Mark at |

    The best thing Audioslave has done is this album. Right from the lead track “Revelations” I was in. The rest of the stand-out tracks are “Sound Of A Gun”, “Original Fire”, “Broken City”, “Moth”, and my personal favorite “Wide Awake”. As for most of the rest, Chris Cornell shows us again how annoying his voice can be. Good album though. Definently worth buying. 8/10

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    Wow Matt you are an idoit. Audioslave isnt RATM, they dont do politics, they have said this a million times they are a new band. Chris has nothing on Zach. IMO Zach is just a winney bitch who hates america just like everyone else. Cornell can acctully sing and do it very well. Hes the bitch who broke up RATM and have let the boys find a better frontman/singer/lyiricist.

    The new album is awmazing. My favorites are deffently Somedays, Revelations, Sound Of A Gun and also my favorite Wide Awake.

  5. Ken Savage
    Ken Savage at |

    Chris, how did you get ahold of the new CD already?

    or did you just hear it online?

  6. Matt
    Matt at |

    Ken – I like your blog. Not to turn your comment section into a flame war or anything, but I just have to respond when someone who can’t spell calls me an idiot and then admits in a public forum that they d/l’d an album illegally the day before its release. Nice.

  7. Mike G
    Mike G at |

    Now that’s it out, I’m listening to it, and most of the songs are great! Listen to the lyrics, the politics are back. ;)

    Taken from Wikipedia’s Audioslave page;
    Several of the songs on the new album, such as “Wide Awake” and “Sound of a Gun”, take a more overtly political stance than previous Audioslave releases.

  8. JT
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  9. Brandon
    Brandon at |

    ok, first of all, i love the new direction. very 70′s, and very nice. the funky-metal guitar of tom morello is better than ever, and even chris cornell has thrown in, you guessed it, some politics. i loved both soundgarden and rage, and all those who want zach back; get over it! he left! hes an entertaining musician, but the best part of rage was always the band, just as cornell was always the best part of soundgarden. one and the same is one of the best songs i’ve heard in a long while, and i can’t get enough of original fire. there is more depth to this album, and this band has trully grown together, and now are not only one of the, if not the, top rock bands in the nation. you want rage, pick up an old album, you want soundgarden, dream of the old days, but if you want good, classic rock, pick up this album. i could go on and on, but i’m sick of all of these “ohh, but ratm did this” or “soundgarden did this.” those two very talented bands did their thing, and now audioslave is doing theres. i hope they maintain the album a year pace theyre aiming for, but just in a year you can see the growth. give some credit to cornell for sharpening the voice, and get ready folks; audioslave aint done yet!

  10. charlie
    charlie at |

    Alright, the new album is cool and all but regardless of whatever someone says they can’t out do there first album. I’m an avid fan of Cornell and neither the lyrics or the singing on this album have any kind of emotional impact on the listner. It seems like they didn’t have enough time to really plan out the album the way they wanted it. This album is just kind of generic.

  11. ryan
    ryan at |

    hey, audioslave is amazing, if you dont like it, i just dont understand what u are hearing, ther is passion, soul, meaning, emotion, and straight up beauty in every song. i think they are the best band ever, and if you dont like them, thats fine, but i truly think that you just dont get them. they are pouring their hearts out on these songs(wide awake, from yesterdaycomes tomorrow, and what you are, best off each album) and they should be recognized for it. as much as i like soundgarden and rage, its a shame they existed because it really taints the views on what should be considered the greatest rock band of their time. the great, mighty, ferocious, AUDIOSLAVE (ps, i think this album is fuckin great)

  12. John
    John at |

    I like the way this CD has come together. Of course to my ears, it is not as great as the first Audioslave CD but everyone needs to change it up a little. As a conservative who loves this type of music, it’s becoming ever more difficult to find a band that isn’t trying to be an activist and a couple songs here have me yelling at my radio. But if I ignore it, I love this CD!

  13. josh
    josh at |

    this is an awesome album, its consistent in every song. i dont mean consistent as in “yeah fills the criteria for a song”, i mean every song is awesome. my favourites are wide awake, moth and revelations but i still love every song. and to say that theres no politics in their music nowadays is stupid. have a listen to wide awake or sound of a gun mate and youll see exactly what their music is now. they are NOT rage, they are NOT soundgarden. people need to stop comparing audioslave with their former bands. they are a new entity. just because chris cornell doesnt share the same beliefs on america as zach de la rocha, it doesnt make them any less of a band. music isnt meant to be a solely political tool, its meant for artists to express their beliefs, and thats exactly what theyve done on this album. well done fellas, best album ive heard (dont call me naive, im only 14). 9 1/2 out of ten.

  14. TLo
    TLo at |

    For a 14 YO you have presented the most mature response on this blog IMHO and opinions are what this is all about!

    I agree with you 100%. Chris Cornell absolutely rocks my world.

    Thanks josh.

  15. Marisol
    Marisol at |

    El cd es muy gratificante , creo que lo han logrado ; superar su anterior cd ¡ Son de lo mejor ¡

  16. Regis Lima
    Regis Lima at |

    I think they did a great job on “Revelations” as well, the thing is as the first album was new to everyone, it is normal that the following ones everybody will be expecting more and more.
    That’s why so many bands wait at least 2 or 3 years to release a new CD, they want us to miss their sound, so please people understand, Audioslave is one of the best Rock band playing, the majorityof lead singers are screaming and wearing the same black and red suits…

  17. Jacob
    Jacob at |

    I just bought the album, and i can say without a doubt it is their best, in my opinion atleast. Every single night my friends and i go out on the town, we start the night off with “set it off” then go back and forth between other tracks, (track 11 is my favorite). I don’t really care for politics, but i can say i DO care about this CD. I’m tired of writing, i think i’ll go back to jammin the CD right now. :D

  18. Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden at |

    Darn it
    I just entered a long and comprehensive comment, but when I tried to submit it my Internet Explorer freaked out.
    Did you get it or should I retype it all again?


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