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  1. jessica45633
    jessica45633 at |

    How long have you taken Alli and what results have you had?

  2. Erin
    Erin at |

    For the two weeks that I took Alli continually I lost 8 pounds. Go on, buy it!

  3. wendy
    wendy at |

    ok..I have been on Alli since June 21st …as of today August 11th…I have lost 32 lbs.. I am thrilled with my results…anyone would be crazy not to try it!

  4. Dee
    Dee at |

    Wow, Wendy. I’d like to give you a round of applause! Great job!

  5. amanda varitek
    amanda varitek at |

    im just starting the alli diet now..i havnt started taking the pills yet because i wanted to make sure i could stick to the diet, so i wouldnt have to face those dreaded consiquences when i did start taking them. Let me tell you though just the diet alone is a very managable way to lose weight…so i can only imagine what my success will be when i do start the pill. 7 pounds a week, I CAN HANDLE THIS!

  6. christine
    christine at |

    hi i have been on alli diet for a week lost 6pounds,i am so happy ,had no side effects i think if you stick to diet you are ok.

  7. Karen
    Karen at |

    I liked Alli, but now the site is completely broken (right at the holidays!) I can’t get any recipes or meal plans :(

    1. Denise
      Denise at |

      I’m will be just starting ALLI on the first of March and I was wondering if there is an ALLI cookbook for recipes and references ? Could you give me a little help. It seems like you just started because you freaked out when the site went down. Your smiley face gave it away. If you can will you email me back. THANX


  8. Rachael
    Rachael at |

    I have been taking alli since Dec 20th and ive had only a couple problems during the holidays but ive lost 20 lbs and its now Jan 6th. The reason I like alli so much is because all the other diets I end up cheating more and more and then before I know it I’m not on a diet anymore, now that I’m taking alli it doesnt allow me to cheat and it’s ” pushing” me to stick with it , which is what i needed. So if any of you out there that need a good kick in the butt to keep on going foward with the diet, alli is the best solution!! i love it…

    SANDIE at |

    I started alli Jan.16th, I lost 10 pounds. Im so proud of myself.
    It doesn’t feel like a diet at all, that’s what I love about it. Hopefully
    the next 10 pounds will be just as easy. I highly recommend this product.

  10. arteacher
    arteacher at |

    the only way to NOT have treatment effects is to closely monitor your fat intake.

    Rachel, that is remarkable you lost 20lbs in 15 days…i was told it wasnt possible to lose that much that quickly, in a health full way…are you still losing?


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