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  1. Casey
    Casey at |

    I belong to paperbackswap.com and do a lot of ordering on line. I always send and request my items from the USPS. Use a lot of priority mail too.
    Bro is a retired postal employee so I’m a dedicated user of our postal system (even though they have lost about 5% of my items in the past year…)

  2. francis kern
    francis kern at |

    How can I find out if the Miller City, OH (Zip: 45864)
    post office is on the list of “in danger of closing?

  3. francis kern
    francis kern at |

    NBC news tonight said there is a list of postoffices that might be considered for closing. How can I see the list –interested in postoffice in Miller City, OH 45864

  4. Yvonne pederson
    Yvonne pederson at |

    Will the post offices in Goodridge, MN and Thief River Falls, MN remain open?

  5. Linda
    Linda at |

    What a rip. I thought I was going to be able to see a real list. You wrote “download” the list. When there’s a thousand, 4 is nothing.

  6. Bonsai Boy
    Bonsai Boy at |

    Linda, you can download the list of all post office closings above. Fill in your name and email and get it sent to you.

  7. nic
    nic at |

    hey im with an asset recycling company we are looking to find a list of the closing offices so that we can buy their equipment i would greatly appriciate a list if someone can send one my way thanks

  8. KAREN
    KAREN at |

    MILLER CITY IS NOT ON THE LIST I have. I would tell you how to get the list but I don’t know what I did to get it. I know I had to go to CBS and the place to click wasn’t on the first page.

  9. Frank
    Frank at |

    I’m actually looking for the list of the 1000 post offices that each serve only 100 addresses (or less). even just a few cities would be helpful…

  10. Pam
    Pam at |

    Wondering if the post office in New Berlin is closing! Just 2 short years ago they were offered postal delivery! New Berlin was not happy about it at all so the government set up a 1/4 mile perimeter from the post office where you would not have to have postal delivery and you would get a free mail box at the post office! I think there may be some fixing giong on when nothing is broken by the government! Oh well, we have to have another way to spend needless money


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