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  1. dB
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    Take the training wheels and pedals off. Tell them to push along with their feet and try to “glide” by hanging their feet up in the air. When they’re able to do that with ease, put the pedals back on and tell them to rest their feet on the pedals while gliding. They will figure out the rest and you get to look like Mr. Miyagi.

    No charge – dB

  2. Rachael Farber
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    I am not a mom, i am a big sister. I just have to say i’m 10 and the only one who is mad that my little sister is still a 4 weeler! She is 7. We have done every trick in the book and nothing has worked. Send my mom some advise

    Rachael Farber

    1. Anthony Xaphouvong
      Anthony Xaphouvong at |

      I know how you feel I’m twelve years old and I’m really mad as well because my sister is like the same thing but she’s nine i did everything and i got made id really like a message of some advise

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    [...] a beginner children’s face painter should follow is… practice. It’s just like teaching your child to ride a bike. It takes lots of practice. You can read books about children’s face painting and you can [...]

  4. scott robinson
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    my 3 and a half year old has now been riding a bike for two weeks. it was so simple ,he never had any stabilizers on in the first place . simple way is to make sure that they have a walking bike (bike no pedals) at a young age . in a few months they are all ready lifting their feet and rolling everywhere then it is a simple transition to a proper bike ,but make sure it is the same size as there walking one

  5. Jade Sanders
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    I bought my 2 and a half and 3 year old sons bikes. The problem is that thay had rideing bikes but never a trike this is the second bike for my 3 year old and he still cant ride. Thay have trouble trying to pedal and you cant find a good big wheel now a days! Should i rethink this thing and get them triks will that help with the pedaling issue? please help?

  6. Mike
    Mike at |

    I have taught all of my children how to ride a bike using the “self correction” technique. It is very easy and only takes about an hour to teach your kids. I found a web site that explains the technique really well http://www.learntoriderevolution.com
    All of my kids love riding a bike and I didn’t have to run along side them for hours and even better no skinned up knees!

  7. Evhen
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    Wood balance bikes work great as a technique for your kids to teach themselves how to ride. Check out http://squidoo.com/learntorideabike

  8. Ken
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    My son and daughter learned to ride without training wheels at 3 years old. It took less than an hour. Most kids have the ability–it’s the parents who are too afraid that their little babies will fall and get hurt. The biggest problem I see are kids on bikes (with training wheels) that are too big for them. Get the right sized bike and they will be riding on two wheels in no time.

  9. Taylor Jones
    Taylor Jones at |

    Thanks for this article–came across it while searching for “getting kids to ride bikes”. It’s been a challenge for my boys to say the least… Another article I found useful was http://bit.ly/eVGMVP which gives tips on road safety and such. The learntoriderevolution.com website Mike mentioned was also useful. Thanks!

  10. Sid
    Sid at |

    OK…so when my son who is 6 1/2 yrs old saw his friends riding the bike, he got very upset and wanted to try to ride the bike without the training wheels. As soon as he mentioned that, I grabbed the plyers and took the training wheels out. Sidewalk was too narrow so he wanted to go to school playground and try it there. I listened to him, put the car in the trunk, packed water and helmet and off we went. It was evening time so no kids in school, the baskball area was empty and we decided to try it there. I grabbed his seat from the back and ran with him and let him paddle by himself for very short distances. He was getting a hold of it. We tried it for approx two hours…it was more tiring for me running with him but he was happy so was I. The next day, we went back to the same place. As soon as I put my hand on his seat, he asked me not to touch his bike, he wants to try by himself. After trying for like 5-7 minutes(I was getting frustrated)…. off he went…ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I was so happy and surprised, I just started laughing with joy…watching my son riding the bike by himself…. we are practicing everyday now. I want him to be perfect before he gets a new bike and really looking forward to riding with him. btw, two things that really helped: Lower seat so that he can put his shoes on the ground and open area when learning.

  11. Bicycle Center
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    You should add a retweet button to your blog. I just tweeted this post, but had to do it manually. Just my $.02 :)

  12. beerwench
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    Great post, but back when I learned to bike my dad just told me to get up on the saddle, kick with the leg and then flow with it at first, not try to paddle anything. So at first I just kind of soared along, and ofcourse I ended up in the ditch. But after a couple of times I learned to stop aswell and when that happened I was allowed to paddle. That way I learned the balance aspect first, and afterwards the speed aspect, I think that was a great way to learn how to bike.

  13. katier72
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    Great job! It’s amazing how much you have to take into account a kiddo’s personality. My oldest (who is on the autism spectrum) hated learning. I think it’s because he didn’t like having both feet off the ground…..well, I know that’s the reason because he told me so haha.

    My second is my “cautious” kid who was just too careful to really take the risk and it look a TON of running up and down the street with him to finally take off. Wait, I think he finally taught himself in the backyard without the “stress” of my husband or I telling him what to do haha.

    My youngest just decided to learn one day and he Took.Off. He’s our go getter and he loves to “show off” to his brothers haha.


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