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  1. Lynne
    Lynne at |

    Uck, yes. First my husband got sick and now I’m sick. All I can hope is it doesn’t stay with me for long, or I’ll be sick when I go into labor, and that does not sound like fun.

  2. Mark
    Mark at |

    Try Andrographis paniculata (Chinese: chan xin lian). Some studies suggest that it can even prevent a cold, but this link shows that it acn at least reduce severity. (I would seriously talk to a doctor if I had an immune disease of some sort as it is a strong immunomodulator).


  3. April Hutcheson
    April Hutcheson at |

    This isn’t necessarily about fighting a cold. I just want to say that if you are fighting a cold, DON’T use an over the counter nasal spray to breath. they are addictive. visit my website for info abou it. it casues rebound congestion and then have to keep using it. I was addicted for almost eight years

  4. cheowmeow
    cheowmeow at |

    oh man, its may and im like randomly sick >.<
    this has to be the worst week everrrr, no lie.
    hopefully this helps.

  5. Mims
    Mims at |

    I got over a cold in a day without drugs (don’t jinx it)
    What you’ll need is:
    - Water
    - multivitamin
    - Immune boosting echinacea tea
    - Relaxing chamomille tea (for the night)
    - Lots of fuits and veggies (if you can eat get 100% fruit juice or V8)
    - TeraFlu
    - Airborn
    - Silly movies or relaxing music (Enya, Enigma)
    I took a day off stayed in bed and got a cup of tea/Teraflu/Airborn/water every 30 min it doesn’t matter in which order, also ate lots of tomatoes, grapefruit and blueberries. If you don’t like staying in bed the whole resist the urge to go do something, and stay in bed your body needs all the energy to focus on fighting the cold.

    1. Brittney
      Brittney at |

      Teraflu and Airborne are drugs…duh


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