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  1. sripad
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    its nice to visit this site . i am very much exited about this . thanks for doing this great job. bye…..

  2. wsworst
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    I have a feeling my wife is cheating. How can I get her yahoo password?

  3. Rhyn
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    Hi I need to know how get randomly selected (by a computer)letters from the alphabet.

    I want a programme that randomly selects nine letters from the 26.. If you know how I can get such a programme It would be much appreciated…
    Kind Regards


  4. TOM
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    i need a hacking software by which i can the question paper of the next exam of my school.if any one can tell me it will bw very help ful for me.

  5. tom
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    i need a hacking software by which i can get the question paper of the next exam of my school.if any one can tell me it will bw very help ful for me.

  6. jerry`
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    hi, i need a software to crack password in computers and servers.pls

  7. Twizzel
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    I just want to find out my future wife’s password to her myspace to see what’s she’s really about.

  8. jeanyjoe
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    i need a password crack program 4 the computers at skool pls!!!

  9. Billy Honam
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    What is a good cracking program?

  10. melissa
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    i need to know how i can get yahoo passwords for their messenger. I need to see what my children’s step mother is all about. Help Me!

  11. joe
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    I need a yahoo mail password cracked ive been workin on it for awhile but no dice, can you help me wit it?

  12. Jose
    Jose at |

    My daughter set her myspace profile to private and I have no access to it. I want to know what she is doing and who she is conversating with. Would you plz teach me how to get her password. Thank You

  13. manu
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    i need a hacking software by which i can get the question paper of the next sessionals in the college.Can anyone help me out…………

  14. Robert
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    I need a password cracker for myspace and yahoo. I have my daughters email address but I need to know who she is talking to, she is only 10 and shouldn’t even have a myspace account. Please help me. I need to protect my daughter.

  15. Robert
    Robert at |

    Please can anyone help me. I need to find out my dayghters passwords for her yahoo and myspace. She is only 10 years old.

  16. Colisa
    Colisa at |

    I also want to be able to check on my daughter’s yahoo, and myspace. She’s just shy of 16 and not too long ago added some new online friends, changed her password to one “Mom can’t get”. She’s closing out of her screens when I am too close to the computer…seriously, this makes me feel there’s something I need to worry about!
    the other alternative is NO INTERNET…that’ll be the death of me! We homeschool and I do alot of research… Please

  17. ebenezer
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    i need to know how i can get yahoo passwords for their messenger.

  18. nick
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    hi. i need to know how to get someone elses myspace password. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

  19. Colisa
    Colisa at |

    I “kinda” fixed my Problem with my daughter…

    I told her I had an issue that needed to be dealt with… I told her I am concerned about her health, well being, and protection, and because she lives in MY house, and IS a minor in MY authority** I have the right to monitor her activities, and conversations online… especially when she acts like she has to hide, sneak or prevent the facts from being presented openly.** Starting immediately a new Plan of Action is in force…

    A) I would now keep the log-in password private, she has to get me to log-in when she wants online.

    B) She would keep me informed of her passwords and subsequent changes for messengers, emails, blogs, etc.

    C) I am to be accepted into the “viewing area” of the monitor while she is online.

    D) if any of these conditions are not agreed upon, then I can exercise my Parental rights to delete this form of technology in my home. I explained that I had things I could do,
    *remove installed/downloaded software, and block address to a new download
    *can block websites,
    * install an additional web filtering program and /or a tracker program
    *discontinue services (isp, and phone line)

    I think that because I looked her in they eyes and stated my case with authority and love ;) she acquiesced without a full blown battle…

    God Bless, Colisa

  20. BluePh0enix
    BluePh0enix at |

    omg u ppl expect to be handed password crackers and taught how to get these things? look learn html and java script if you care enough and u can do what u need to do

  21. DArckos
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    Need a password cracking software to crack computer account code..pls!!!

  22. Matt
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    You people are stupid. Get over yourselves.

  23. ebe
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    how to crack server password.i want the soure code or installation program

  24. ebe
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    i need a hacking software by which i can get the question paper of the next sessionals in the college.Can anyone help me out………… plzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. becca_sue
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    rawr, i am a dinasoar! if you need a password cracker… please email chevycustomz18@aol.com

  26. Nikki
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    Heyy guys.. if ne1 can figure out the password on myspace for:


    ill so luv u 4ever!! if u can get it.. e-mail it 2 me at:


    thanx muches!!

  27. Gaurav
    Gaurav at |

    hii guys the prob i have is tht my parents have put a password on the computer its not like i can switch on the computer then i have to put my username and password but the moment i switch on my computer they ask me for a password no user name required though now i am really fraustrated i have tried everything and am still stuch how do i find this password out.Plzzz someone help me.
    Mail me at- distilled_devil@hotmail.com

  28. sarthak
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    hi dudes if anyone read this msg then plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me that how to crack a password someone give me a hint that first we should go to SQL but i canot found it that where it is plzzzz if anyone read my msg and know how to crack a password then plz reply me on sarthakrock_2006@yahoo.com .

  29. eldin
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    HI if you read this and can help me crack this password the hint is whats my favorite painting if you know how to crack this password plesssse email me at gdhf_6_hood@yahoo.com

  30. Bob
    Bob at |

    To you parents- do not try cracking your kids passwords. If you REALLY want to know what they are doing / get their passwords, and it is YOUR computer- all you have to do is find and install a key logging program, or buy a hardware key logger which plugs in between your keyboard and computer and records all keystrokes (including passwords). BTW- No one that really has know-how on the topic of password cracking is going to tell you how to crack passwords, give you programs, or do it for you just for the hell of it on this message board… If you really NEEDED to know, you would take the time to learn how to program, familiarize yourself with the things you are interested in, and learn to do it yourself using others as a resource to learn from, not as someone to hook you up instantly with “L337 skillz”

  31. Javious
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    Erm i need to crack my pc password and i dont have a keylogger i really need help

  32. shadow
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    well sir I work in a company in I.T dept and there are password on net for all computers if we open any site so it ask about password I just want to ask that how can I know or crack that password on the upper side of password there is some place empty it seems that some text will write there if you can tell so plese tell me this

  33. Ken Savage
    Ken Savage at |

    Here’s a good way to make better passwords:

    Mask your passwords with PwdHash, a browser plugin for both Firefox and Internet Explorer that generates safe, secure passwords.

    And something to crack any computer running windows:
    Extremely impressed at the ease and speed with which the Ophcrack Live CD cracked my Windows admin password when I tested it out last a few weeks ago, I thought it might be useful to throw together a quick guide detailing how to use this powerful little utility.

  34. Efreak
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    eldin Says:
    November 25th, 2006 at 12:31 am

    HI if you read this and can help me crack this password the hint is whats my favorite painting if you know how to crack this password plesssse email me at gdhf_6_hood@yahoo.com

    My favorite painting is called _Blue_. I dont know what you’re favorite painting is called.

    Btw, i do not expect this to help…i cant believe you asked for help with that hint online…how are we supposed to know what someone’s favorite painting is?

  35. Efreak
    Efreak at |

    By the way, anyone needing help with their windows account passwords can pay loginrecovery.com to crack them for you. unfortunately, if you are trying to crack someone else’s administrator password, and that person knows what they are doing, they have likely shut off the boot from cd/disk option in the bios, which renders this useless for you.

  36. goule
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    Hi.. I really need to find the password to the following email account : gsargison@hotmail.com
    I really, really need help to find this and would be greatful to anyone that could do this for me. Thanks!!

  37. Jethray
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    I need help and I dont have the money to buy all these fancy programs to open my password…. PLZ can any one help!? I Want to gett into myspace but I cant. I would restart but my friends and family are all there. I have sperat emails because Im still working on trying to open it…. It’s sonny_suzuki@yahoo.com and the my space one is sonny_suzuki@myspace.com

    if any one can help hit me up in only_hennry@yahoo.com

    P.S. name the subject sonnys’ password

  38. amy
    amy at |

    I need help cracking a password and i can’t afford all these programs..please help…thanks.

  39. aneesa
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    i need your help to crack the password ,so kindly help me

  40. Astonished
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    Of all the lusers than ask for “crack my pass plz” each time anyone writes something on this topic.

    God pls give us the ability to smack ppl over TCP/IP.

  41. Patricia
    Patricia at |

    Could you please help I want to prove that the mandtbank.com is not secure.
    Thank You

  42. Amy
    Amy at |

    Looking for information on Yahoo msg cracks for the newest edition. I recently changed my password and can’t remember it. I have been searching but everything I seem to find says you cannot recover your password for this edition..

  43. sanjeev
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    i am in very need to find the password of my wife i think she’s having an affair so plz mail me her password
    her id is sheetal_868@yahoo.co.in

  44. Luis
    Luis at |

    Please, I need help cracking a password for myspace.com. My girlfriend is hardly talking to me and is affiliating with other guys. So I believe she’s talking to a guy that she doesn’t want me to know about. Please…… I really need to get her password for I can know once and for all. Please e-mail me back. Her myspace e-mail is “pixxie06@hotmail.com. I just need her password. Thank You.

  45. Doug
    Doug at |

    if anyone would be so kind enough or need practice in craking/hacking an account can you please crack into my hotmail address and find out the password I forgot it because i havent been on in alittle while and now i want to check my emails. i know the email adress and it is tweek_jojo_66@hotmail.com if you would be so kind, can u please send the password to my sister’s emali acount. it is darling_dana@msn.com

  46. RJ
    RJ at |


    Try the following passwords:


    et cetera. Just try it, that’s probably it.

  47. Trinity
    Trinity at |

    Hi, ive read the posts and u seem really good. I would like u too help my find out my boyfriends password for his address: zack_trial4@hotmail.com. Any help would be really appreciated since i think im in love with him and he may be cheating on me. Thanks again.

  48. karen
    karen at |

    can you let me know the email passwords of the following account:?
    please email me back. thanks

  49. sarah
    sarah at |

    A lot of people will say that they know how to crack passwords to e-mails, but never go into detail on how to do it. I was wondering if you can send me the password for j_speed78@yahoo.com e-mail for yahoo or myspace.

  50. Cory
    Cory at |

    Can you get me the password for princzdayz@aol.com myspace password.

  51. Zac
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    Hey man, i know you get tons of requests for getting someones password and usernames, and i have basically the same request. I know you probably dont have the time to do this for me, seeing as you dont even know me, but i would be so thankful to you! I have been going through hell the past couple weeks, because i think my girlfriend is cheating on me. I would be willing to pay you, i dont know how much that would take, or how much i could give you seeing as i am a college student and running tight on my budget, but this girl means the world to me. I have asked my girlfriend if she is cheating on me but she says no, and then she will get calls from the same guy while i am with her. Sir I am begging you to hack into her account for me. I will do anything for you i can. all i have is her url for her myspace page, but i am about to get her email. I beg you to respond to this message. You can email me at johndeerboi@gmail.com. Thankyou so much for your time and I hope that you can help me! God Bless.


  52. josh
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    can you get me the myspace password for mestone96@aim.com. thanks alot

  53. Paul
    Paul at |

    Thank you for your time, first of all.
    I have been living with a woman for about a year and a half.
    She has an Ex who is Not quite getting the picture that she is going to be married. However I am not so sure at this point if it is simply a case of Him not being informed.
    I believe she is playing both sides of the fence, we are going to be married in Jan of 08
    and I would like to make sure I am not pulling off the biggest mistake of my life. . .
    after one failed 13 year relationship, I cant afford to make another.
    Please let me know if there is some form of compensation you normaly, or would like to recieve
    reguarding this matter.
    The email address I would like to veiw, are as follows :BlackNuckle@yahoo.com

    Thank you again for your time.

  54. annaaannaan
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    i sorta need the password to ashleigh_meow@hotmail.com. mmm, thanks.

  55. john christakis
    john christakis at |

    i need the password to the krista14d@hotmail.com please….

  56. Sniper_Progz
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    If its Your pc Then What do you care Use a keylogger program on the pc to retrieve thier passwords just Search google/download.com for the words “keylogger” and youll have everything you need Peac3

  57. dasa
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    I need the password from the emails: storonza@hotmail.it & veronicastigliano@hotmail.com . Thanks send to my email the answer. I love this site!!!!! -Dasa

  58. Johnny
    Johnny at |

    I need a password for a myspace account. Is this possible? Please someone let me know through email. Thanks

  59. CJ
    CJ at |

    hey, i would not like to know how to crack a certain password, but instead, i would like to learn how to crack passwords in general. thank you. please email me. absolutanarchy@hotmail.com

  60. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    hi im looking into getting into hacking passwords and computers..can someone please fill me in on what programs i need and information i need to know?? thanks

  61. Amanda P
    Amanda P at |

    I need the password to the myspace account jus_ward@yahoo.com and the password to the facebook account jusward@siue.edu. Just send it to my email apratt@siue.edu

  62. MIke
    MIke at |

    I need the pass word to mccoy_kt@sbcglobal.net

  63. shahaela
    shahaela at |

    hi i need the password for for myspace.com account shae_bo07@yahoo.com thank you very much
    could you please email to lil_coby20@yahoo.com or bustermoore05@aol.com

  64. Ben G
    Ben G at |

    i need free software for computer cracking. please e-mail me a link to runamouk14@yahoo.com

  65. Linas
    Linas at |

    Can anyone tell me how to crack a computer password? What programs should I use and how do I start? My e-mail linasbj@gmail.com

  66. james
    james at |

    yea a ex friend has been spreading nasty rumors about me i need to get in one of my friend’s myspaces to delete the messages can any one give me any sugjestions asap?