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  1. green tea
    green tea at |

    I think its the green tea. Its good for health and for get cure from many chronic conditions.

  2. JohnnyN
    JohnnyN at |

    Article completely misses white tea…

  3. lola
    lola at |

    six to ten cups a day???? whoa!

  4. Darrell Cheney
    Darrell Cheney at |

    You left out the healthiest of all the teas!

    Doctor D.

  5. Jenn
    Jenn at |

    What about White tea? I make a pitcher of iced tea everyday from loose tea leaves and trying to determine which is the best.

  6. kohl
    kohl at |

    The simple and correct answer, no long drawn out article needed, is Matcha Green Tea.


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