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  1. Massari
    Massari at |

    bright eyes lyrics…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

  2. sandra
    sandra at |

    I just bought a pair of sunglasses last week only to discover that i get serious migrane and giddiness whenever i wear them. have been wearing sunglasses for years, but never had any problem like this before. Any ideas?

  3. Camus
    Camus at |

    Hmm, I’m not sunglasses person, but headaches being prevented by wearing glasses? That sounds a bit extraordinary, right? I mean I’m bit of a skeptic, so pardon my question :) Media is hardly a good source for any good reliable info on science.

    Although I can see how it can individually cause headaches (not migraines) for some.

  4. BelvaM
    BelvaM at |

    This makes sense to me, absolutely that wearing sunglasses would prevent headaches. I have found that going without sunglasses is painful, as I am shielding my eyes and trying not to squint in bright sunlight. I tend to have the sunglasses with me at all times for this reason. I also make sure I have a hat with a brim when I’m out in sunlight.

    I’m sensitive to excessive indoor light as well, especially overhead lights in general and fluorescent overhead lights in particular can give me headaches. In my apartment I never use overhead lights.

  5. NatureSun
    NatureSun at |

    I suffer from migraines on a regular basis and I never even knew that my sunglasses could be a contributing factor to it.

    Great and informative post, would have to keep all this in mind from now on.


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