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  1. Ken Savage
    Ken Savage at |

    BestTones is working for me now with my new phone.

  2. kristina
    kristina at |

    I would like to receive 10 free ringtones or wallpapers. Thank you so much!

  3. crystal
    crystal at |

    Hello I would like to have the wallpapers but they can’t be wack

  4. Ask Erin
    Ask Erin at |

    [...] me homework questions, personal problems, advice on clothes or makeup, freeringtones and even sports. I’ll do my best to answer whatever comes in on the same day and then publish [...]

  5. Most Popular Ringtones for Your Cell phone

    [...] any of those hopes that cell phone ringtones are just a passing fad. Even harder to find are the free ringtones everyone is looking for these [...]

  6. avtar
    avtar at |

    pl send me ringtones

  7. Erin
    Erin at |

    Do people really expect to get free ringtones for free nowadays? NOT!

  8. lili
    lili at |

    i would like to recieve 10 free ringtones plzzzzzzz

  9. When Is It Time To Take Down The Christmas Tree?

    [...] playing it the second you opened it and just threw the empty box there. Hey did you get any freeringtones for that new Chocolate or Razr [...]

  10. White Stripes Icky Thump Lyrics and Review

    [...] Icky Thump release date for the United States. I’m already looking for some new White Stripes freeringtones and I’ll let you know if I find any decent sites for [...]

  11. Are Free Ringtones Really Free
    Are Free Ringtones Really Free at |

    [...] the user pays a fee of around one and three dollars per ring tone in order to buy and download the freeringtones. But some companies seem to offer free ringtones to consumers. The ads tell users to enter their [...]

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