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  1. Jason
    Jason at |

    Nice post Ken. I think most people can relate to your story because at some point or another everyone needs some motivation. Thankfully for me, my wife has kept my family very health conscious. However, no one can make us change, it’s something we have to want for ourselves. The more we want to more likely we are going to take action. Good luck and thanks for the post.

  2. carole
    carole at |

    I didn’t realize you lost your dad in1986, was it after we all left SHS? The stress of losing ones parent or life issues are always a difficult time. I hope this will help you get motivated Ken, think of your son Jake, how much you love him. Diabetes can be helped, by controlling eating habits. It runs in my family also, Think of Jake graduating and becoming a dad someday. Being around is the most important thing to him and you I”m sure. I lost my dad from a 2cd stroke in 2007, he was 85, but that loss is so tough to live with. It took me about 2yrs to pull myself together and move on, do it for yourself and your son… The kid I knew back in SHS would probably listen. You know where to talk , I am always logging in and out of FB!

  3. tinisha
    tinisha at |

    hope this realy works….

  4. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Hey Ken, Im sorry about what happened to your dad. It makes my heart drop to my stomach. So, I just decided to wish you a Merry Christmas. Hope this makes your life warm and welcome in more peoples life. :)

  5. Mitch
    Mitch at |

    im so sorry what happend to your dad

    1. Eric Chouinard
      Eric Chouinard at |

      Hey Ken, I have type 2 diabetes as well, got diagnosed two years ago. I know where ur coming from and Im glad your not giving up. Your a great man and deserve better for yourself and your son. Anytime you need a test strip let me know ;)

  6. taylor kimbrell
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