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  1. Chris
    Chris at |

    This is timely, we have our company Chrismas feast next week, looks like compulsary drinking games are going to be on the agenda now!

  2. johnny
    johnny at |

    Nothing ruins christmas quicker than killing someone while driving drunk. The DUI is small potatoes.

  3. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    Wow. The 12 Days of Christmas will end up with the hot shots that don’t know when to stop dying.

  4. justin
    justin at |

    although jimmy’s comment appears to me two sentences that were crammed poorly together into one, he has a point; that game is stupid. “There is an opportunity to drink 364 times”? heh. fuck that.


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    [...] This is one of the superstitious answers to the question of when to take down your Christmas tree. The reason it falls into the superstition category is because it is thought that if you leave up your Christmas tree past the ringing in of the New Year, you are bringing the past year into the New Year and it is bad luck. So there you have it…take down those trees before January 1st or you will have bad luck all year. Also you are probably sick of all that Yankee swap games and gifts as well as a hangover from your Christmas drinking games. [...]

  7. Erica
    Erica at |

    I think The twelve days game is hilarious!


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