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  1. shane ehman
    shane ehman at |

    I found this ok as information about what the fda looks at with caffinated types of drinks. But what you didn’t cover is any imposing health concerns from the caffine in these drinks.

  2. Mike Henry
    Mike Henry at |

    Until they make OTC antidepressants, highly caffeinated beverages like Rockstar will keep the spirits high – depending on who you talk to.

  3. Tim
    Tim at |

    For many people, energy drinks are misnamed in that while they do create some immediate energy, they leave your body worse off than in the beginning. It’s really hard to find one that will do the job but is actually healthy for you and has the research to prove it. I discovered one such exception.

    I doubt most will buy it, because it’s not found in stores and doesn’t come in a bottle- but I’m not concerned with what most people do.

    At 52, I find this stuff amazing and now that I have, I kind of feel sorry for the masses that won’t go past their store isle to find something really exceptional.

    This was just released in Sept 1st of this year.

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      I don´t understand why Tim takes the time to post a comment and keep the product he found secret.

      Anyone knows what´s hes talking about?

  4. hi
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    1. Bob
      Bob at |

      Shut the f*ck up. Jeezus, there are some really retarded tweens using computers these days.

  5. nadine
    nadine at |

    yes they are dangerous to your health! I am 14 years old and drank two cans and one consentrated one because i was completely out of energy and it didnt make me anymore enrgized, infact it made me even more tired untill i suddenly fainted and went into a seizure. i was taken off to the hospital and put on a drip for 6 hours. i was let out later that day. they said it was related to the red bull.. my body was in a constant spasm for a few days later uuntil i had a fight with someone and went into a nother seizure and again was rushed off to hospital and had to stay there for the week. while in hospital i had to go around on a wheel chair and learn how to walk again. now im in constant fear of drinking something like that again which will trigure it off. i think its stpid that anyone can buy them, no matter what age you are. seeing as its already banned in some countries, already shows us that it cant be good. i think it should be banned everywhere!

    1. jenna
      jenna at |

      i was reading your story and was shocked…… i started drinking relentless drinks 3 yrs ago i needed to keep going as my twins were born early and very sick in hospital….. one started to turn into 2 then 3 ect now i am on 15 a day if not more somedays i spend 20 pound a day i am trying to come off them as my family r very worried about me my heart rate is sky high but am finding it hard its shocking what 2 cans can do dread to think what 15 or more will do…….. everytime i need just that one sip i will think of your story on what happened to u all the best:-)

    2. Ashley
      Ashley at |

      I’m sorry, but you’re not very smart. Energy drinks even say they shouldn’t be drank by people who are sensitive to caffine, but I doubted you took the time to think that out. Caffine is a drug and you overloaded your system with it. Being in college, I’ve taken two all-nighters in a row and used just one Red Bull each day and I was fine for the entire day. My guess is that you’ve never drank much caffine at once before. You were asking for trouble. Yes, it is really bad to get addicted and drink them all the time, but they aren’t dangerous if you know your limits. Engergy drinks are just as dangerous as any other drink that has caffine. You just can’t have as much. Kind of like how most people need a lot of beer to get drunk but only a couple shots of vodka for the same result; that is because the content is bigger. Use common sense and you should be fine.

  6. pat
    pat at |

    It is recomend that you drink no more then 2 within 24 hours. If you drink more then that you should be in a mental hospital. Besides if your under the age of 18 you are not able to buy them (I have been carded for one), but their more lenient on the sale of them.

    1. Bob
      Bob at |

      You’re kidding, right? I remember buying 5 monsters at the age of 12…. Not addicted to caffeine or anything, I just like drinking the stuff on Monday mornings and weekends.

  7. Jdziegler96
    Jdziegler96 at |

    thank you so much Ken this helps me allot on a boycott project i have for L.A.

  8. Arto Heino
    Arto Heino at |
    1. Ken Savage
      Ken Savage at |

      Arto, can I use this image in my next post about Caffeine?

      1. Arto Heino
        Arto Heino at |

        Sure Ken, I just hope this image helps the viewers realize that overdosing is not just exclusive to illicit drugs.

  9. name
    name at |

    Thanks for the info! I’m trying really hard to convince my friends to stop drinking them, and now I’m doing a persuasive on them in class.

  10. Venus♀
    Venus♀ at |

    Jolt Cola was the first energy drink in the US, NOT Red Bull.
    I used to consume Jolt like crazy. :-)

  11. John
    John at |

    I am a regular caffine user and have found that energy drinks that contain panax ginseng are aggravating to my blood pressure. I cannot stand panax ginseng mixed with taurine and caffine because of the level of dialation that it causes. The best Energy Drinks/Supplements I have tried that are listed as a dietry supplement are Rockstar Zero Carb. Red Bull, and 5 Hour Energy Shots. Mixing these with coffee is always bad and many people I have noticed in the work environment do so. Awhile back a Monster Energy Zero Carb seemed great so I drank one and cut it with almonds which made me feel that horrible inner gravity. Using any of them without panax ginseng or over 3 grams of sugar has given me positive results as long as I drank them and followed water about 2 hours later and chilled down. They are all in how you use them. John.

  12. Nam
    Nam at |

    I’m 13 and I just drank 2 rockstar energy drinks and my heart was eregurle beating and still is I’m scars and just letting people know they are dangerous and gave me only a little energy

  13. Monsterfan
    Monsterfan at |

    Oh cmon monster is so good and they even dont give you energy and if you dont like energy drinks then dont drink it someone like will drink those damn drinks


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