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  1. Sam
    Sam at |

    There is a movie about Betty Page, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404802/. Too bad it is not on DVD Yet.

  2. Orikinla Osinachi
    Orikinla Osinachi at |

    Is there no movie on Bettie Page?

    Her story would make a classic romantic thriller.

  3. Emory Morris
    Emory Morris at |

    “The Notorious Bette Paige” was released as a movie in 2005. Starring Gretchen Mol and Chris Bauer. I watched this tragic movie on HBO 7/29/2007.

  4. Pit Bull Mama
    Pit Bull Mama at |

    Only goes to show you, that beauty needs to be more than skin deep. For someone who ushered in a sexual revolution. I think the objectfying of women keeps women in the stone age.

  5. Renee Di Fazio
    Renee Di Fazio at |

    I feel a great deal of sadness for her. She never allowed anyone to photograph her in her old age. She was conditioned to think that she was only as good as a photograph. She was so much more. She was ahead of her time in every sense of the word. I think if given the same opportunity as a Marilyn Monroe or a Jane Mansfield she could have taken Hollywood by storm…..

    We as women should look at her life and use that as an example. So many young girls think that if they are “pretty” then that’s enough. So many adult women think if we are “skinny” then that is enough. Take note ladies, she was not pretty but drop dead gorgeous with a killer bod and look what it got her……used and thrown out like yesterday’s paper. I am sure that the photographer didn’t die penniless and you can take that to the bank……


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