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how to backup your facebook dataAre you an ardent Facebook user? If so, have you ever thought about Facebook backup? You might be wondering what purpose an off-line copy of your Facebook account serves. The truth is that it may prove to be useful to download your Facebook information in certain situations.

I was concerned with backing up some of the mobile photos I’ve put on my Facebook page within the last year so I was searching for a way to backup and download my Facebook information, photos and wall/status updates. Facebook recently came out with an option to do this. Just in time Zuck!

What if you couldn’t find the information you put on Facebook anywhere else? Let’s say, for example, you took some important pictures on your phone and uploaded it to Facebook. What would you do once you lost your phone? Luckily, you can download Facebook pictures that you uploaded from your phone using the outlined method. Downloading your Facebook information is also useful because it allows you to transfer the information you have onto other platforms, if necessary.

How to Initiate a Facebook Backup

  1. First, open your browser and log on to In the proper fields, enter in the email address that you use to log in with and your password to access your account.
  2. After logging in, you should see three tabs on the top right of the screen that read “home”, “profile”, and “account”. After clicking on the “account” tab, a drop-down menu should appear; select the “account settings” tab on the drop-down menu.
  3. You should now see a page with a list of possible actions you can take, such as changing your email, username, password, etc. Find the heading that reads “Download Your Information” and click the tab that says “learn more”.
  4. On the page that opens you will see a download button. After reading the directions on that page, click the download button.

Your Facebook information will come in the form of a zip file. Keep in mind that Facebook needs time to gather all the information it has that pertains to your account and that you’ll have to wait a little while before you begin the actual download. You will receive an email when you are ready to download your Facebook information . Also keep in mind that before the actual download, Facebook will ask you to verify your account information for security reasons.

If you’re wondering what’s included when you backup Facebook this way the answer is “just about anything you put up”. You can download profile content like your contact information, interests, and associated groups. You can download wall posts and other related content that you and your friends share on your profile. Photos and videos that are uploaded to your account are also downloadable. Friend lists, notes that you have created, sent and received messages, and even events that you have RSVP’d are also among some of the things you can download as well.

It is important to note that through this particular method of Facebook backup it is not possible to pick and choose which information you would like to download; it’s an all-or-nothing deal. If you want to download Facebook pictures , video, and information in one shot, this is probably the best way.

There is one last thing to keep in mind when backing up your Facebook account. Your downloaded file will contain sensitive information. Facebook strongly urges you to keep your data secure and take extra precautions when storing or transferring this data onto other services.
backup and download your facebook account

8 Responses

  1. Trellum
    Trellum at |

    Thanks a lot for the useful article! It’s good to know that it’s possible to back up all our Facebook data, and get all that in a single zip file. I’ve been using Facebook for 2 years now, and I’d hate to lose everything I’ve shared there. It’s good to know we can also back up our friend list; it’s better to be safe than sorry!

  2. starcall
    starcall at |

    Thanks, that’s a really useful article. People use Facebook so much now that it’s important that you back up all your information. I have over 500 photos on Facebook alone and If I lost my Facebook account then I would lose all of them. So hopefully I can back them up now.

  3. NickJonathan
    NickJonathan at |

    Thank you. That is very useful. I would like to say that on the one hand this might be a useful service that can help people a lot but on the other hand shows that all your history is being constantly stored. Even the deleted messages, photos and such things.

  4. BelvaM
    BelvaM at |

    Thank you for such valuable information and for the step-by-step instructions. This is so helpful.

    I must say it had not occurred to me to back up my Facebook content, but it makes so much sense to do so for many reasons. And not least, it is also handy to have the content offline — especially the photos. When I want to sort through and/or search for photos, I believe this would be far easier to do offline than to go through various albums on Facebook.

    Thank you again.

  5. nonsiccus
    nonsiccus at |

    I was considering closing my Facebook account a while ago, especially in light of the recent vulnerability that was illustrated on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. The one thing that prevented me from doing so was getting all of my media off of my profile. It was daunting task to get pics and videos off one by one but I guess I won’t have to any more.

    Appreciate the insight!

  6. cerande
    cerande at |

    Just came across this article. I didn’t even know this was possible! This would help me keep an extra copy just in case.

    If only this wasn’t an all or nothing deal. I only want to save some selective things, if there was a choice available it would have been great.

    Can’t be too greedy I guess!

    1. nonsiccus
      nonsiccus at |

      You could always unpack the file they give you and pick out the parts that you want to keep. For example if you filtered by image formats, you could just take the images instead of videos and whatever other stuff is in there.

      Plus, it is probably a benefit to have everything anyway, you never know if you want some obscure piece that you didn’t back up and now it’s too late.

      1. cerande
        cerande at |

        Thanks a lot! I was thinking of backing up just a few things, but as you said maybe I could require some stuff in the future which I don’t back up now.

        But its good to know we can choose, even if it is after the download process.


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