Summertime at the Eiffel Tower

Arriving in Paris – No Sleep – No English

Long flight but arriving at 6am has its perks. No lines anywhere and I was out of the plane and through customs super quick. Got my bag and called the hotel to check my reservation. Because I’m arriving 2 days late they dropped my reservation so no hotel for me. Do I go right to the office? Find another hotel? Luckily in my morning 0 sleep haze my coworker Kristen called and booked me a room. So now I jump into a taxi and make the hour trip to the hotel close to the champs elysees. I think I’m spelling that wrong. Fix it later. What a weird room setup too. I’ll blog about that later after I wake up.

Summertime at the Eiffel Tower

Summertime at the Eiffel Tower

Driving downtown Paris in a taxi

Arc de Triomphe late at night

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