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  1. Tom
    Tom at |

    Wow, what an amazing article that you happen you rip directly off another site word for word… if you’re going to blatantly rip off another reporters work atleast have the decency to atleast credit them with the work

    The original article (http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-11/01/content_3714003.htm)

  2. Mitch
    Mitch at |

    Hey whoever Snowly is i hate you ur shuch a NERD WOW
    get a life

    1. rebecca
      rebecca at |

      you hate her and she should get a life, she is dead and u tell her to get a life, you are a sadistic peice of crap

    2. Emily Baker
      Emily Baker at |

      shes dead ……….

    3. Get A Life
      Get A Life at |

      Are you out of your mind, first of all it’s such not SHUCH and second Snowly is now in heaven (I hope) and she can’t get a life so please think twice befor you comment … or atleast think once.

  3. John
    John at |

    way to talk about someone who died. You need the life if all you do insult dead people.

  4. Ellis
    Ellis at |

    You need to chill

  5. kracker
    kracker at |

    this is to be filed under “darwin awards”

    and yes i play wow, but i also go places called “not the internet”

    is there a way to find out what servers they were on?

  6. Neo722712
    Neo722712 at |

    I only have one Question !

    Where the $%#! were her Parents ???

  7. bagus
    bagus at |

    their parents playing another online game

  8. Orikinla Osinachi
    Orikinla Osinachi at |

    I blame the parents or guardians for these unfortunate tragedies.

    Where were their parents?
    Watching TV?

  9. Powder
    Powder at |

    I dont really appreciate it how all you guys are talking about this poor little girl who died playing the best game ever created by mankind (WoW). I mean, I LOVE that game, it seriously is the best, I have a lvl. 60 paladin dwarf and i get on every single living hour that i can get. Ive had 8 strokes while playing WoW but that still doesnt stop me at all. My doctor has actually warned me of this b/c it has brought that much attention to my health, but i dont care what he says hehehe. But seriously guys show some respect to guild leaders (such as me and this little gril probably was too) b/c we have worked very hard and really appreciate what we have achieved today :)

    1. jim
      jim at |

      no offense dude.. but damn you really need a life

      a game is a game

      it will not follow you forever..

      1. gang
        gang at |

        ur right who would ever do that i mean mental people so stupied

      2. Get A Life
        Get A Life at |

        Your right … I play CoD every alot … really alot, but still I’ the best on my whole school, I read about 3 books a day and I love The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim plus I’M 9th PRESTIGE IN MW3!!!!!!
        (lvl 93 in Skyrim)

    2. Person with a real life.
      Person with a real life. at |

      You’re kidding right? If you’re not, GET A F**KING REAL LIFE!!!

    3. Person with a real life.
      Person with a real life. at |

      Oh, and do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

      1. hello
        hello at |

        you guys do realize hes trolling.

        successful troll is successful…..

  10. nicky
    nicky at |

    WTF this is bull. seriously, where were her parents? how did she die? why wasnt this in real news? you know real life news?! i play wow all the time and i dont have any symptoms of stroke or dehydration.people, you need to get a life. seriously.

  11. nicky
    nicky at |

    oh and powder? guess what? youre talking about it too.

  12. Ignacio J. Bernal
    Ignacio J. Bernal at |

    are you serious.

    thinks about it people its a god for saken video game!!!! Get a life!!!!

    jesus christ.

    powder i feel sorry for you :(

  13. erik
    erik at |

    wow, i seriously hope your comment was satirical powder. if it wasn’t, i would highly suggest you save the rest of the world a serious burden, and shoot yourself in the face.

  14. truth.com
    truth.com at |

    dumb bitch. serves her right for having a hobby that’s such a glorified waste of time.

  15. jer
    jer at |

    wow dude, whoever dies from playing a game for too long, deserves to die.. jesus christ.. i mean come on

  16. joey
    joey at |

    half of u retards who have been dissing it have never played it so dont judge wheat you havent done you dumb fucks and you mitch your a fucking prick suck a dick mate dont knock dead people you dumb fucking cock sucker what is wrong with you go have a toss in the bathroom to a picture of your mum you inbred, its ok you will die soon enough and you know what il be there to make fun of you and lets see how you like it you heartless fuck

    1. Person with a real life.
      Person with a real life. at |

      Hmmm, see what it does to you? Exhibit A.

    2. L lawlit
      L lawlit at |

      Well if you are gonna say all this nasty things about them what does that make you? seriously? you are no better then the people who think she deserved to die. This is a tragic story. All regaurds to her family.

  17. chess23t
    chess23t at |

    all i can say is this seems to be a battle of gamers vs non-gamers. Sort of. and way to much swearing. At least she died doing something she enjoyed. Couldve been avoided but it happened. Better to learn from her mistake, so you dont do it. Think about it. if no one ever died from video games, it couldve been you for not knowing about it.

  18. Whiteraven
    Whiteraven at |

    I wish I could say that I am shocked by all the comments here, but I am not. Sadly to say, your comments have displayed the lack of empathy as well as the overwhelmingly lack of care for anyone but yourselves.

    Take a moment, think about it really…

    Yes, games were meant to be fun. Some people really enjoy them, while others feel its a waste of time. Regardless, what everyone fails to realize is that any behavior, repeated over and over, becomes a habit and sometimes a vice. (i.e. sleep patterns, speach patterns, eating, drinking, smoking, exercising, television viewing, internet usage, video games, etc.) If you go to sleep at 10pm every night and wake every morning at 6 am for two weeks straight, you most likely will be able to go to bed at 10pm and wake at 6 am without setting the alarm. We are creatures of habit.

    Gamers at first are thrilled by the gameplay. Whether it be the interaction between players (chat), elusive goals (quests), or the thrill of trying to out-wit the competition (Player Vs Player, aka PVP), there is usually something appealing to each player that will keep them coming back for more.

    This is where obsession can take hold. If the player is having a reasonably healthy lifestyle before the game, and/or their social requirements are being met, then most likely they will not feel the impulsive need to play continuously. But if the player has any social, financial, or health issues, they are more inclided to be unhappy with their current life roles, and wish to replace them with the roles they have taken on in the virtual world of games. These will be the players that will play continously for hours on end. Doing so gives them a sense of accomplishment, belonging or pride that they would otherwise not feel.

    You can point fingers at them, shout out “you should know better” all you want. The fact remains, that you have felt the same way too, at some point in your life. You of all people, on the internet, speaking out against others on this forum, should know you too have something that compells you to log in. You’re no better.

    Earlier, I had mentioned that I should be shocked. What would actually shock me, would be to read comments made by others that were insightful, meaningful, and not self-indulged. To see someone actually caring for someone they never met.

  19. Lanceupercut
    Lanceupercut at |


    LIVE TO WIN, TIL YOU DIE!!!!!!!!


    She then signed off and ascended to Heaven.

  20. Teah
    Teah at |

    I agree with whiteraven, completely and wholeheartedly. It is a pity that such a tragedy was allowed to occur but whether or not you are a gamer or non-gamer, respect and empathy is a must. It is essential that you tap into your humanity and understand that those who become obsessed with online gaming do not lead happy lives. They try to replace that life to forget it and shut it out. This is a tragedy in and of itself. Please try to be a little more compassionate in your comments.

  21. Phill
    Phill at |

    She didnt die from playing the game. That is stupid. She had an eating disorder or something cause if you dont eat you die. if you dont sleep you eventually fall down, pass out. its inevitable. You cant stay awake for ever. I dont even know if any of this is real. People starve themselves to death all the time. This person just happen to play WOW while she purposely starved her self. Dont think she just forgot to eat or something. She chose not to and died. Or then again i guess you could be right and WOW gave her a virus and it killed her

    1. Person with a real life.
      Person with a real life. at |

      Actually, it’s staring at the computer screen that kills you. It kills the brain cells and causes you to die by running out of them.

      1. Jam
        Jam at |

        That’s just false, irony has struck where you seem the be the person here who is not only uneducated/biased on the subject beyond understanding but you also display the same time wasting tendencies (arguing with Internet people who think you’re stupid or just don’t give a shit). You need to go take advantage of that so called “life” you have and stop spewing nonsense.

  22. John
    John at |

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves, mocking her and coming to conclusions, you people are selfish, some of you are going to die selfish, I can believe that theres alot of jerks out there in the world but really?, a person sho just died and you make fun of her and think she deserves it?, what if it was you who knew someone who died from an MMORPG? wouldn’t you feel sad or just a little bit upset?, i mean comeon,what if i make fun of your friend wouldn’t you like to punch me in the face?

  23. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    In scientific experiments, mice that have a choice between food and crack, will choose the crack time and time again, until they die. Several people have chosen to play wow instead of feed themselves, therefore it’s nearly as addictive as crack. Anybody who says the game is not addictive is ignorant, or in denial (which is a characteristic of the addict.)

  24. steven
    steven at |

    hmmm interesting well, i do not believe you could place total blame ont he game i mean i enjoy games like cod i probelly play like 5 out opf the 7 days a week well at night i think in life balance of things is good im looking forward to being a marine and ive read lots of post about marines playing wow and otehr games its not that big o a deal so all of you mocking this need to really think what are you doing better with you life

  25. (>'.')> KUEY
    (>'.')> KUEY at |

    How do games “impact” players to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Is a passion for games as bad as a passion for books. People stay up late reading hooked on what happen. IT’s an addiction. NOT living a “healthy” life style doesnt come from games. WE’RE IN AMERICA HOME OF THE FREE AND THE FAT PEOPLE! I MEAN MCDONALDS IS HERE. Blaming games is like blaming McDonalds because your fat. Theres no fault ,but your own.

  26. me
    me at |

    COOOL, i wanna die JUST LIKE THAT xD

  27. no, you
    no, you at |

    i used to play WoW for a rly long time, i loved it so much i asked my parents for a bedpan for my 28th birthday, AND I GOT IT! i was so excited i never had to leave my room again! i am currently 289 lbs and i have my desk next to my window so when i am done i dump my wastes out of the window. my mom said its ok because it fertilizes her garden. sometimes i run out of toilet paper and have to yell at my mom to bring me some. she loves me. she works two jobs to pay for my WoW. and she brings me McDonald’s alot. god… i love frenchfries… oh back to my story. like i was saying. if shes not around to get me my tp then i just try to walk to the bathroom while holding the pan under me just in case the remnants try to land on the floor. one time that happened but it was ok, my dog ate it. my momma never found out =P.

    ok im bored of making a bunch of bullshit up. im acutally 18 and only weigh 195. and i did lay wow and i have to say, she is really stupid for working herself that hard over a game. no game is worth dying over… rip bitch

  28. Goontoon
    Goontoon at |

    That girl dying is terrible ofc. I blame the parents entirely for not intervening. And aside from that, POWDER. You think WoW is the greatest game ever made? I’m not gonna hit you up with why it isn’t incase you live up to my expectations even further and defend it with your last dying breath. But yeah you really need to get out of your house and at the very LEAST try a different game that does not involve committing yourself to a grindfest that lasts years.. people want to have fun and that ideal slowly gets eroded by grinding over and over.

  29. Asdfasdf
    Asdfasdf at |

    Weak person is weak. The game isn’t addictive, I know, I play the damn thing. its just… every SINGLE thing out there has people that take it over the limit, NOT JUST GAMES, its just perpetuating a mainstream stereotype. how many times do you hear about the negative effects of sports through mainstream media? NEVER. that’s because, unlike being a gamer, playing sports is “socially acceptable”

  30. Tom
    Tom at |

    Lets just leave it at this. life is the only game that should be worth dying in, whos gonna give a shit if you die, whos gonna actually care that much about you after your gone, whe the poeple who cared about you die as well then who the fuck is gona remember you, wasting your life on a game is a reason to die, if you DO NOT WANT TO DIE dont waste your life away, sure games are fun and they take us away from reality, but why let it control you? who ever defeds a game because they think its ‘the best’ should think again before your the one that is dead. Dipshits – also i love games but im not an idiot about it.

  31. Darwin
    Darwin at |

    Anybody who cant stay alive should be mourned.. Anybody who dies in some suicidal cause like refusing to eat/sleep not because of lack of resources but because of a videogame should be forgotten. All you gamers out there that are sticking up for your wizard friends: change your lifestyle or u will go out as pathetic as SNOWLY did. No tollerance for fat and stupid. I play videogames everyday but at least I have a job and a life and a GIRLfriend! Get a life and stop wasting your time with something with no return. And if u must play wow at least get some excersice. U cant argue that everybody needs the sun and a bikeride here and there. You are the reason america is a joke to every country out there. You make everybody around you sick. Its all so pathetic. If this post angers u then u have issues/clogged arteries. I want to say stupid kids but I know theres a ton of disgraced adults out there that wont fix anything. Im personally disgraced that our great country has gotten to this.. Fuck u you lazy pieces of shit. GET A LIFE NERDS!

  32. Kishme
    Kishme at |

    It’s sad that these kinds of things happen, but we should be also thinking that this wouldn’t have happened if the parents/legal guardians are responsible enough to stop her from killing herself, instead, they blame the game for such irresponsibility that they themselves are liable for.

  33. Ajax Mercer
    Ajax Mercer at |

    1. Some of you people are fucking ignorant. 2 I dont feel bad for that person that said they had 8 strokes but dont care, death is not a joke, when you begin to die, you will realize you fucked up for a video game. Its a joke now but just watch. 3 video games are not the problem its the people its always the people where do you see “GTA IV causes hookers death”? Take a look at your hands, you do the action not the game. I mean hell I played games alot when i was a kid found some old childhood favorites too. And im gettin rafe next. Hell yes. But im not gonna play it so much I die on the spot. Fuck that. Welcome back to reality. I do feel bad fpr this girl tho cause she did die

  34. Ajax Mercer
    Ajax Mercer at |

    Meant Rage

    LORD_ARIF at |

    What an Ass shit happened .
    I am playing Warcraft III and Dota all the day’s but i do some physical exercise my eye have no problem at all and i have no colds cause of cold.
    i have no heater around me .
    it make’s me so strong cause i have physical strength also .
    This girl maybe out of his mind .
    what would his father and mother ask from her when she has no replies .
    A girl like that should Die no use for some one .
    Well mostly like to say there are many thing’s accept game .
    Game was made only for fun but this guy’s huh i am ashamed of my self .:D

  36. Montanaz
    Montanaz at |

    I think this kind of people give gamers a bad name because they game from the non till the stop and when they die our parents will think that it will happen to us to everybody knows that 2 hours is the most you may play and then at least a 15 min break but i will say honestly i can play also some times 4 houres a day but not every day.
    I dont think that this is sad because when you play a several days then you don’t have a life and how can somthing die if it doesn’t have a life?

  37. yuki
    yuki at |

    Yeah I don’t think she can get a life since did kinda die and all…
    But for one they were old enough to think oh yeah there is a real world and to live we need sleep and food and such. But there parents fault for not making them do it I don’t know ether one and I have no sympathy for them but I do respect that they died and don’t need made fun of or anything.

  38. mark
    mark at |

    She and i are gamers we dont need a life…..we have a looooooot of lifes

    1. LanceYupercut
      LanceYupercut at |

      best reply evar, the church of snowly grows daily

  39. LanceYupercut
    LanceYupercut at |


    LIVE TO WIN, TIL YOU DIE!!!!!!!!


    She then signed off and ascended to Heaven

  40. Benj
    Benj at |

    Everyone can die of excessive things, smoking, eating, not eating, over sleeping, I even know someone died in their work place, that is excessive working. Thst is why WOW advises gamers to take everything in moderation. Everyone can die of anything in excess. Please guys a little sympathy, man everyone’s going to die someday, it just that her death is something we can learn, not something we should make mock of.

    I’m a gamer of WOW too, and I don’t blame her for playing too long, you can have a career in playing computer games, there is lot of players out there who earns a lot from the game. it gives them a sense of what you call a “LIFE”.

    Let’s just learn something from this tragic event instead of mocking the person…

  41. Yuki
    Yuki at |

    I have no sympathy for someone who could control how many hours a day they play. It is there fault I play Aion online and I know oh wait im getting tired that means to goto sleep yeah sometimes I will stay up longer but thats cause I know what my body can handle. I am not dumb enough to stay up so long to the point were my body shuts down that can’t use the excuse oh wait I forgot to sleep today your body tells u when u need to rest. I am a heavy gamer I play more then just Aion including console. I even played WOW before nothing to brag about but everyone has there own oppion.


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