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  1. allen
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    i’ve been keeping africans for almost 25 years.. never checked ph… fish always lived for years, lots of rocks and hiding places and decoy fish… i have a large tank and a school of (cheap) tiger barbs.they chase them and show off to each other but no casualties… i’m no expert but i try to buy at least 2 at a time so there is less pressure on the new guy… sometimes rearange the rocks if they get mean…
    love your site… thanx …
    one more thing.. i’m total overkill on the filters and keep the water moving.. lotsa rocks means lotsa places for bad stuff to grow..

  2. josh
    josh at |

    hi i’m starting to get in to African cichlids and i wanna start of with like two Malawi dolphins and i have a 10 gallon do you think thats ok for a little while if there just baby because i know that African cichlids take a little while to grow.

    thank you

  3. Joe
    Joe at |

    I am haveing a good bit of algea on the sides on my tank (75 gal). which algea eaters would be best for the tank .

  4. Fred W. Munson
    Fred W. Munson at |

    What do I add to increase the PH?


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