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  1. Brian
    Brian at |

    I would agree that setting goals is extremely important but not that helpful if we’re not going to stay motivated. I think it’s also great to have good friends to hold you accountable for goals that you might have. Sometimes that person may be your spouse, but a bit of accountability in staying motivated with our goal setting is helpful to many.

  2. BelvaM
    BelvaM at |

    I agree with what you say about keeping things fun. I appreciate the strategies you mentioned to use when we are feeling anxiety. This is so important and so often overlooked.

    Lately I have been making a point of dispelling anxiety and worry by looking at the humor in the situation. I find this helps me to refocus on my goals and what I need to do in that moment to stay on track.

  3. NatureSun
    NatureSun at |

    This is really the truth, the best way to stay motivated is to do something which you yourself enjoy.

    If everyone follows this one rule they’ll never have any problems keeping the motivation going and everything will become fun automatically.

  4. tastefuldeath
    tastefuldeath at |

    I agree on your advice. I’ve also started appreciating the progress on my baby steps to my goal. Aside from that, sharing my progress with a loved one who provides moral support keeps me on track.


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