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  1. Joker Heath Collectibles
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    Nice list of costumes there! Of course, i’m partial to The Joker this year. I like this character because even though there will be many there are lots of props to this guy. A person can easily add their own touch to it and still be recognizable. An then the nurse as you mentioned…fabulous! And how about this: The Joker is so recognizable that you could dress as anyone famous…except be the joker! How cool would that be? A good example would be Ronald McConald…except for the face! lol…Can’t wait for Halloween!

  2. Halloween Costume and Fancy Dress Ideas

    Excellent post, it is great that you have taken the time to come up with some unique costume ideas for Halloween and they are not just all from a shop.

    I agree with the comment above in that the Joker costume is the best for this year as it is possibly the most recognisable.

  3. hanock spandex costume
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    no one cant find it? that would be great if i cant get my hands on that

  4. Laura
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    Thanks for the costume ideas.
    Btw. You spelled Obama’s name wrong. It’s Barack Obama.

  5. andrew
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    anyone have any luck putting together a day man (dennis from always sunny) costume? i want to do the one he is wearing in the pic above or the one here:


    Not having much luck finding things though.

  6. Stevex6
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    I am planning on rocking the day man costume this year. There is a site selling the suit Dennis wears on Always Sunny



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