Microsoft Office 365 is Now on the iPad – Here’s My Full Review

Microsoft office is now on the ipad

Microsoft has just released Office for iPad, the first time you can download an official Office Suite of software from Microsoft just for you iPad via the iTunes app store.

Office for iPad contains fully functional versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Now while anyone can download the apps and read documents or presentation PowerPoint presentations for free, if you want to create or edit Office documents with these apps, you first have to be an Office 365 subscriber.

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The B2B Online Marketing Process: Keywords For the Conversion Funnel

B2B Online Marketing

Online marketing and transactions have brought a new opportunity to marketing departments and planners, the ability to micromanage metrics. One of the difficulties that marketing managers have faced since the beginning of marketing time is answering the question “is what I’m investing in really making a difference?” That obfuscation of cause (or rather ad) and … Read more…